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Further to my earlier review I add that the control panel in Windows has been installed incorrectly; there are no options to toggle between "Classic" and "Category" views and the Disk-Clean-Up option is not available in Accessories/Tools or the Control panel or from the Disk Properties menu. It seems the cleanup component has not been installed.

The failings of this business are in very basic aspects of their supposed area of expertise. I regard these people as DANGEROUSLY INCOMPETENT. Their failings have caused me to waste many hours (at least 20) I still need to take my computer to a competent repair shop to get problems fixed.   19-07-13
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I took in a PC with an operating system problem. Promised collect Monday. Woman not there. Returned Tuesday...had to wait an extra 2.5 hours. Took it home and could not connect to internet.via cable..a problem that was clear before I collected but was told it was a problem with the shop's connection. Keyboard keys were wrongly mapped (e.g.@ appeared as " and other faults). Message on boot said a driver not installed. There were automatic Windows updates that always failed to install. The disk partitioning had not been set up. The system tools for backup/restore had been disable and required password to change (I don't have one). The wrong operating system had been installed (XP pro instead of home).The computer had sticky marks on surface. A rubber protection stud was missing. 6 days after taking it in I am left with a computer that does not work properly. The woman was not honest.

Took it back on Wednesday. She tried to claim the keyboard problem was a hardware fault (it isn't, the wrong driver was installed). Got a refund and told to take it somewhere else.

Not having the facility to backup/restore system files as a safety measure means I am wary of trying to install new drivers in case I create more problems.

The service was VERY POOR; technically and there was a "LACK OF TRANSPARENCY" from the woman who runs the business.
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